"We must allow everything."
Frank Ostageshi


"Susan Prince is a true Earth Protector. She has journeyed with Amazon Watch twice to the Ecuadorian Amazon's hot-points of environmental and social injustice, earnestly participating in visiting some of the ugliest and some of the most inspiring areas. Upon her return, Susan co-hosted community presentations that illustrated the conflicts and promoted action calls to help save the Amazon. She also motivated and helped organize a successful joint fundraiser for Amazon Watch and the Pachamama Alliance. Susan has been a long time supporter of Amazon Watch, putting her financial power behind our efforts to protect the Amazon and advance the rights of indigenous peoples. Above all, Susan Prince is part of the solution: holding the vision of what the future should be as opposed to what it could or might be. She's a powerful force for good on our planet and I'm grateful for her presence and actions here.."

Branden Barber
Director of Engagement, Amazon Watch


"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed."
Mohandas K. Gandhi


For my whole life I have been in love with nature. I am extremely grateful to have been able to spend so much of my time in beautiful, wild places.

As an adult, I have worked as an activist protecting the old growth fir and pine forests of the Pacific NW. This passion for preservation led me into a career in environmental education. I love teaching people, especially children, about how healthy ecosystems work and what happens when ecological systems are compromised.

Discovering Your Sit Spot
a Guest column written by Susan for the Point Reyes Light.

A few years ago I became really concerned about the impact of fossil fuels on our planet. I wanted to know more about where our oil comes from and about what producing it has done at the source. This took me to Ecuador where I went on the Toxic Tour. Since then I have been working to educate people on the horrific Trade-off that we make when we allow big oil to have its way.

Please click here to download Susan's article "Paradise to Paradise Lost"
Please click here to download Susan's article "If you are coming to help us..."

My love of Nature has extended to an immense appreciation for wildlife and a huge desire to protect the animals. I have been especially involved with the conservation of wolves and bears. Below are some links to programs and projects very dear to my heart. Please explore and get involved if you feel called.

Center for Biological Diversity:

Wildlife Research Institute:

Amazon Watch:

Nature Connection
Elders also hold the memory of strong and vibrant nature connect
ion. Through Nature reconnection we will bring forth the wisdom necessary to inspire humanity to love and protect all life. Our alienation from the natural world is at the root of the many faceted crises that we humans now face. Wise elders of the past taught that the wonder and awe we inherently experience, when we are immersed in Nature, is where true wisdom begins. There is an intrinsic bond between elders and children that can help foster this wonderful relationship. As wise elders of today, our mission is to share, nurture and strengthen that bond by helping to create and support more opportunities for elders and children to relate together in natural settings.

Vision Statement for 'Sharing the Wonder of Nature' group. Can be found on conscious www.eldernetwork.org.

Recommended Book on Deep Ecology:
Braiding Sweet Grass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer


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