"You don't have to be right,
just ask good questions."

I have been in coaching and transition guidance with Susan for several years, and find her to be very understanding, direct, focused and attentive. Susan is kind, empathetic and knowledgeable. She has helped me to distinguish personal goals and bring them into manifestation. Susan helps her clients tune in to their visions, and find a clear perspective in personal transition.

Laurie K. Gatley



I am continually inspired by the beauty and balance of the natural world and by that same innate ability, within each of us, to access our own solutions.

I have been blessed to live amongst ancient ponderosa pine forests and alongside misty tidal wetlands. A life life-long learner, I have practiced yoga, meditation, and nature connection- exploring many paths while seeking consciousness, awareness, inner peace, and joy!

• Developer/Teacher: Developed and taught nature based science classes for public and home-schooled children of all ages.

• Hospice Volunteer and Grief Counselor: Provided direct care and grief support for individuals and groups.

• Life Coach: Coaching individual clients and leading life-changing workshops.

• Co-Facilitator: Supporting Elder workshops and retreats. 

• Peacemaker: Helping couples and groups find common ground within the midst of conflict.

• Elder/Mentor: Helping guide and support younger generations as they navigate their
life journeys.

• Ecologist: Practicing a deep commitment to conservation and preservation of our planet and
all her species.

• Writer: Shining a spotlight on both the positive and negative ways in which we engage with our world and endeavoring to inspire hearts and minds thru education.

• Editor: Contributing editor and writer for the Turning Point Journal for the Elders Action Network, an educational, non-profit organization fostering a budding movement of vital elders, dedicated to growing in consciousness.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach – 2008
Hospice of Petaluma: Direct Care & Grief Support Volunteer – 2002-2013
California Teacher Certification (CBEST) – 1999
Washington State University - Degree in Professionalized Subjects K-9 – 1979
Pacific University: Bachelor of Arts Degree – 1973

Central Oregon Earth Hero – 1998
Hospice of Petaluma, Volunteer of the Year - 2010


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