"When we begin to tell the truth about our experience, then we begin to heal it." anonymous


"I want to express gratitude for yesterday's sweet, sweet event... "Women In Transition" It is amazing how far-reaching this work is. As it begins to unfold, I feel the deep subtle affects at work on my subconscious. So, I thank you for what I didn't even know I needed and it arrived at a perfect time! I look forward to continual transformation."

Iris Cutler


I am absolutely committed to helping my clients find their bliss. Over and over again, I have seen the magic that can happen through the group process!

Through both my coaching practice and my own personal journey I have developed Workshops to help empower women in the third part of their lives.

Awakening the Wise Woman.
You are invited to explore new ways to be with this profoundly potent part of your life. Give yourself the opportunity to step out of your busy world and be on retreat with a circle of women who are re-discovering the meaning of their lives.

Click here to see the Hawaii Workshop flyer.

Click here to see the Inverness Workshop flyer.


Participants will create a group altar, set intentions for the workshop, do both large and small group processes and have personal time for meditation and journaling.

• Share your current processes and challenges. Exercises include telling the most significant parts of your life story through photos and looking at the places where you may feel stuck.

• Practice gratitude and forgiveness. Here you will have the special opportunity to study the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopo: taking personal responsibility and extending forgiveness to yourself and to others.

• Explore your personal tools for transformation. You will be supported in rediscovering your own unique gifts and in finding ways to bring them forward in service to the world.

You will leave each WORKSHOP with a revitalized perspective and a vision for the next steps you can take to move joyfully forward in your life.


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