"Thanks, for letting me be
myself again."
Sly Stone


"Susan has been my coach for many years. Bottom line: I have accomplished so much of what I wished for in early retirement. Susan has unmatched gifts: her process of coaching helps me take risks, find my center, honor incongruities that keep me stuck, and re-think my goals. Each session is work, fun, and magical, and each session helps me remember who I am."

Carol Stack


Life Coaching
Article written by Susan for The West Marin Citizen


I earned my Life Coaching degree through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

You do not need to be fixed and coaching is not therapy. I work in partnership with my clients, guiding you in finding your most fulfilling path and discovering the choices that will allow you to achieve your goals and bring you gratification and joy!

Do you want to revitalize your life?

Are you willing to examine whatever is holding you back long enough to let it go?
Are you eager to explore new perspectives to make positive, healthy choices?
Do you want to set goals that you will feel really great about achieving?

If so, you are my ideal client - the kind of person that I love to Coach!

Coaching Set-Up:
We have a conversation.
You get to experience coaching first hand.
If we both feel that it is a “good fit”, we enter into an agreement.
Fees, commitments and meeting times are established.
(I initially recommend 2 meetings per month for a 4 month period.)

This is a Co-Active Relationship.
When you and I enter into a Coaching agreement, we will design it together. Most importantly, you get to define your needs, wants and expectations for this Coaching experience with me.

Currently, Susan is offering Life Changing Workshops for Women.
For more information, see the Workshop page on this website.

Imagine your life fully realized ... and let it flow!


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