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"It is said that being at the edge is where the soul lives."


Susan Prince

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."
Leonard Cohen






Going Beyond Our Edges

It’s common, as we mature, to erect comfortable boundaries around ourselves. We often feel that this protects us from an unpredictable world and we end up guarding our vulnerability as if our lives depended on it. The great irony is that these seemingly comfortable edges can actually keep us imprisoned – cut off from all the amazing opportunities that are able to come our way if we can allow ourselves to go beyond our safe, secure places.

My exploration of 'edges' has informed most of my adult life, and I have found that people who are in major transitions (shifting careers, relationships or jobs for example) can always benefit from this guidance. Loss also falls into the category of a major life transition. Helping individuals thru the grief process is extremely rewarding to me.

Being with our 'edges' is also a wonderful way of exploring our emotional fabric. Living a fulfilling and peaceful life is not about avoiding conflict. Actually conflict is almost always an invitation to better communication. As I have learned more about good listening skills, I’ve become very interested in the process of Peacemaking (please see 'Elderhood' page).

Starting with gratitude, practicing the language of non-violent communication and following the Peacemaker Principles* is an excellent method for finding consensus and resolving conflict.

As an Elder I am working with these principles to help mentor younger people. We have an obligation to support others as they go thru the complexities of life’s journeys. We also have a mandate to nurture a strong love and connection to the natural world. People need to rediscover their innate sense of awe and wonder that comes when they are experiencing the beauty and wisdom of nature.

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An article written by Susan from the Turning Point Journal of the Elders Action Network.


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